Praise & Reviews

“It is rare to come across eyewitness accounts of brushes with the antiques trade written by people who understand this unusual world. Arthur Cobin and Vivien Boniuk have compiled an amusing and well-written group of such stories, which are as educational as they are entertaining. Faked Out introduces you to the spectrum of characters that populate this world, and the fascinating situations you can find yourself in if you choose to enter it. I am confident seasoned antiquers and newcomers alike will find something of interest here.”
~ Nick Dawes, Appraiser on Antiques Roadshow for PBS Television, produced by WGBH


“Collectors everywhere will discover something of themselves in these stories. They capture the emotions, from euphoria to anxiety, that every collector has experienced when faced with a great find.”
~ Bruce Johnson, author of Tales of the Grove Park Inn and publisher of


“Longtime antique collectors and dealers, Cobin and Boniuk have turned these sensibilities into skillfully written stories that are suspenseful, witty and provocative.”
~ Thomas Hines, cultural, urban, and architectural historian,UCLA. Author of Architecture of the Sun: Los Angeles Modernism, 1900-1970


“If you love the quest for the perfect antique or flea market find, or if you just enjoy a good anecdote or story, this is the book for you. You will identify with the writers and it will bring back fond memories of treasures found and lost.”
~ Alan M. Dershowitz, Author of Finding Jefferson


“A fun and flavorful glimpse recalling the pre-internet world of antiquing — a series of musings from before the web-warriors dominated our game. Recollections from the days when you had to be there to touch, feel, smell and scrutinize the merchandise—and then compete with your cohorts to claim a treasured item. These short stories are captivating and entertaining—almost as cool as being there.”
~ David S. Smith, Managing Editor, Antiques and The Arts Weekly

“In a market saturated with reality TV shows that glorify antiques and treasure hunting, it is delightful (and up until now visibly missing) to have a collection of short stories that capture the thrills, joys, intrigue, pitfalls and shenanigans of the antiques and art world. Although perhaps not true tales themselves, these stories resonate with the themes that we encounter in this business on a regular basis.”
~ Nicholas D. Lowry, President. Swann Auction Galleries